The Ramakrishna Vedanta Society Of The Philippines has been established in Manila in 2006
as a non-profit organization. It was formally inaugurated on 30 June 2007 and it held its dedication ceremony on 6 June 2010 under the guidance of Revered Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj, Vice President of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna order.

The aim of the Society is to make Vedanta available to the Filipino public and to be of spiritual assistance to the sincere seekers after truth residing in this part of the world.

The Society holds dialogs on Vedantic topics once a month (presently at 7PM on the Tuesday following the second Sunday). Every Sunday there are gatherings with religious singing at 4:00 PM. A selection of books on Vedanta and other religions is available for sale.

A few times a year the Society receives the visit of Swami Medhasananda, the President of the Vedanta Society of Japan and the Society's Spiritual Advisor, or other monks of the Ramakrishna Order. In such occasions discourses are given and special programs of activities are held.

The establishment of the Society was due to the joint efforts of some Filipino and expatriate devotees and of Swami Medhasananda, under whose guidance the devotees were inspired to establish the Society into a legal entity.

Thru the Swami's relentless efforts, a suitable location was found for the Society's permanent seat at the Horseshoe village in Quezon City, the heart of the Metro and the property was purchased in June 2008, consisting of a lot and a dilapidated house. After more than a year of work, the restoration of the house was completed and the Seat became fully operational in mid 2010.

The Society is presently seeking affiliation with the Ramakrishna Order and the Ramakrishna Math, parallel organizations based in Kolkata, India, who have established numerous centers worldwide.