Relief Operation for Typhoon Victims

“Our Society has carried out from November 2013 thru February 2014 a direct relief operation for some victims of the typhoon that recently ravaged the central Philippines.

The beneficiary of this effort has been Barangay Gawaygaway, near the town of San Remigio, in the north eastern part of Cebu province.

The barangay consists of 365 households, or about 1500 souls, mostly indigent, relying for their survival on the very meager salary offered by a local estate for cutting sugar cane. While the barangay reported no casualties, about 80% of its houses were severely damaged or totally flattened by the typhoon. Also the elementary and high schools, the small barangay hall and clinic and the chapel where a visiting priest officiates mass every three weeks were also badly damaged. Power lines were downed and the main pipe bringing water to the barangay was severed.

In coordination with Mr. Romeo Sumbi the barangay Captain, last 30 November 2013 our Society distributed relief goods to each of the 365 households, which total the following:

750 Kg. of rice;
1,835 cans of sardines;
1,835 packets of instant noodles;
1,835 individual rations of instant coffee

In January and February 2014 our Society has carried out the rehabilitation (new roofing) of several elementary and high school buildings in the said Barangay.

A total of Pesos 410,173.80 was spent for the above relief operations, covering food items, labor, materials and related miscellaneous expenses. The full report of works done and amounts spent can be secured from our office.

Our Society is deeply grateful to the Vedanta Society of Japan, the Vedanta Centre of Sydney and to all private donors, members and sympathizers of our Society, who have contributed funding and labor of love for this worthy cause."